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With the significant increase in online sales, there has been an associated growth in goods being shipped via the courier network. Consequently, this has resulted in more packaging being used. Therefore, sustainability should be the first consideration in packaging design, looking at renewable sources, recyclability and reintegration into the eco-system. Test Valley Packaging in Salisbury, Wiltshire develop packaging systems that seek to reduce the environmental impact of the need to protect goods in transit.


Protect expensive and delicate items in transit. Retention packaging, Test Valley Packaging Wiltshire, Hampshire, and Dorset.   Paper void fill for protecting goods from damage in transit and through courier networks.   Recycling and sustainability


Test Valley are easy to deal with, I order, you deliver. It’s nice to have good suppliers, it's not always the case these days.


A professional, reliable company. Helpful and friendly people.


The service provided is excellent, you offer exactly what we require. Deliveries on time and if something is out of stock we are notified and an alternative product is offered.


Good service, good product range. Efficient.


I have always been very pleased with the service you provide us, with the email of requested prices on new products down to ordering old products your response is first class.

What's New at Test Valley Packaging?

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Tips: How to approach Branding? The box has become the modern billboard? This publication looks at why there has been an increase in branded packaging and will offer useful tips to help business owners and designers gain a more measured and informed approach to the best and most economical way to brand packaging. A new approach More packaging than ever before is now being opened and recycled in the home environment, partly due to the fall of the high street and the boom in the E-Retail industry. As a consequence... more
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