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Test Valley Packaging has been on the road for over 4 decades selling packaging solutions. We are available to provide a free consultation on your packing processes and offer advice how you can maximise the efficiency of your pack and despatch operation, and ensure your customers have a positive experience when unboxing your products.


Test Valley are easy to deal with, I order, you deliver. It’s nice to have good suppliers, it's not always the case these days.


A professional, reliable company. Helpful and friendly people.


The service provided is excellent, you offer exactly what we require. Deliveries on time and if something is out of stock we are notified and an alternative product is offered.


Good service, good product range. Efficient.


I have always been very pleased with the service you provide us, with the email of requested prices on new products down to ordering old products your response is first class.

What's New at Test Valley Packaging?

Testing Dynasafe to the limit 22.06.2017
Testing Dynasafe to the limit Test Valley Packaging employees always like to test the packaging that we supply to the limit.     We are constantly getting strange looks from our neighbours when they us testing our packaging, it's not unusual to see a box flying out of a window from time to time or to see someone being stretch wrapped in the carpark. All in all Test Valley Packaging can be a pretty weird place to work... but wait!! things can get weirder. 'Why dont we play volley... more
Tips: How to approach Branding? 19.12.2016
Tips: How to approach Branding? The box has become the modern billboard? This publication looks at why there has been an increase in branded packaging and will offer useful tips to help business owners and designers gain a more measured and informed approach to the best and most economical way to brand packaging. A new approach More packaging than ever before is now being opened and recycled in the home environment, partly due to the fall of the high street and the boom in the E-Retail industry. As a consequence... more
Quality Street Competition 24.11.2016
Quality Street Competition Test Valley Packaging are giving away tubs of Quality Street!! If you fancy winning a tub to share with your collegues, or you would much prefer to sit in the car park scoffing the lot all to yourself take a guess at: How many individual sweets are in the bucket below? For each individual guess right or wrong, we will donate £1 to our choosen charity: The John McNeill Oppurtunity Centre. Valid until 23rd of December 2016. If no correct answer is submitted 5 tubs will... more