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Airtech Meteor machine

This compact air pillow/cushion system gives your goods extra protection at the touch of a button.

This high quality machine creates pockets of air designed to protect your products.

The Airtech Meteor is a perfect product for small operations that need to utilise space.

This virtually silent machine is easy to use and is almost maintenance free.

Key benefits

  • Effective: Its strength and durability offer reliable protection for your products
  • Cut costs: Reduction in storage expense plus the light weight product keeps your shipping costs down
  • Flexible: Our varying film sizes can be used on the entire machine range
  • Easy: The rolls of film are light and easy to handle, the machines are easy to operate, fast and reliable
  • Environmental: A re-usable and the film is 100% recyclable
  • Versatile: Compact and portable, allowing the machine to intergrate easily into your packaging area

Airtech Meteor Machine Film

Two styles of film can be created by the Airtech Meteor machine. The air cushions are perforated making them easy to tear.

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