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Bespoke Packing Stations

Consultation, evaluation and design of your pack and despatch operation



With the increase in online sales, the problem of getting the customer's order delivered safely within the timeframe is a logistical challenge that traditional companies are having to face.

We offer a free consultation where we visit your site, evaluate your requirements, and work with you to produce a design that meets your requirements.

We have focused on designing packing stations to minimise costs, and yet are tested to take up to 400 kilos to ensure they are robust enough for heavy use.



In this E-retail age, companies need their pack and despatch areas to be optimised for efficiency to ensure parcels arrive in good condition and arrive on-time. This means that we need to reduce the time it takes to pack each parcel, make sure parcels are adequately, but not excessively packed, using eco-friendly materials, and the packing areas are optimised for efficiency.

For more information on made-to-measure packaging stations etc. please click HERE to learn more on our PROTEGA GLOBAL website.