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Dyna-board is our exciting new alternative to standard Double wall ‘BC’ flute grades.

Dyna-board is 30% more compressed than ‘BC’ flute and the perfect product for customers who are looking to cut their costs, make better use of their warehouse space, plus enhance their environmental and sustainability commitments.

Major Benefits of a heavy duty single wall board:
Circa 30% more cartons on a pallet = less storage space required
• 30% more cartons per delivery = reduced carbon footprint
• Enhanced print quality = a better perception of your quality and capabilities to your customers
• Heavier Kraft both inside and outside the box = improved appearance
• Reinforced fluting = greater moisture resistance
• The bottom line! approximately 20% direct cost savings!

Comparative board thickness:

Dynaboard = 4mm

'BC' Standard Double Wall Board Grade = 7mm

A representation of height per box flat stacked:

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Quality & Performance

Please note that Test Valley Packaging can create bespoke carton sizes in Dyna-Board with your company branding.