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Foil Thermal Covers


DynaChill© foil thermal covers protect temperature-sensitive goods during transportation, this product is predominantly used within the Aviation Industry for air cargo and also for land-based pallet transportation.

Thermal Foil Pallet Covers - Dynachill


Perishable Cargo

DynaChill© is designed for transporting temperature-controlled pharmaceutical, medical, perishable and electronic goods, used within the frozen (-20C), chilled (2-8C), and controlled ambient (15-25C) temperature ranges.

DynaChill is a packaging solution that will:

  • Provide protection for your goods throughout the entire journey, even with breaks in the cold-chain i.e during loading / unloading of shipment
  • Protect goods from the elements whilst waiting on airport tarmac
  • Protect goods from the effects of temperature variances within the aircraft hold
  • Stabilise thermal sensitive goods during delays in customs processing
  • Protects against failure in the primary temperature control systems such as vehicles, containers, and active units

Our foil thermal pallet covers and blankets delay the process of temperature exchange which helps to extend the duration before the product goes out of temperature specification range.

This waterproof cover has high heat and light resistant qualities which reduce the transference of heat to the goods within.

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