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Corrugated Board Grades

Corrugated Board Grades


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Corrugated Board is made up of a variety of flutes and liners

Paper grades for outer and inner liners

Common Paper Weights
(GSM=grams per square metre) 

Common Flute Grades and Weights 

Fluting is normally produced using waste based fluting (WBF) or semi-chemical fluting (SC).

Flute Weights

Common flute profiles


N - 0.50mm
F - 0.75mm
E - 1.2mm
R - 1.7mm
B - 2.9mm
EB - 4.2mm
EE - 2.5mm 

There are a number of common flute profiles or sizes

The various liners and fluting medium can be selected to produce a board as a single wall board or double wall board.

The most common Board Grades

When choosing a board grade here is a guide to common board grades:

Paper Combination:

To increase the cushioning or the stacking strength of a single wall box change the 'B flute' for a 'C Flute'.


Below is a list of common terms you may come across:

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