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Caring for our Customers

Caring for our Customers

Our Customer Service


"Customer Satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do!"

We have a reputation for outstanding customer service.

We believe that we don't need to tell you what our customer service commitment is; it speaks for itself.

Personal service will always be valued. People buy from people.

We have a passion for looking after our customers going above and beyond what is commercial, focusing on the customer as a person and their needs, and endeavouring to help wherever possible. 



Our Service Commitment

# A person will always answer your phone.

We don't even have a receptionist. The team members who answer your call will probably be the persons that you need to speak to and can answer your questions.

# Our delivery drivers will act professionally and be courteous at all times.

We employ our own drivers and operate our own fleet of delivery vehicles. This gives us full control of our logistics, with knowledgeable logistics staff who have been with the company for years, who know our customers and are committed to providing first class friendly personal service.

# We will always acknowledge your order.

If we are out of stock of an item we will always contact you to discuss supplying alternatives. We understand that if you order a products you need it.

It is in our DNA to care for people. It is a deep-rooted belief. And we only recruit people who share that passion. Our customer reviews prove it. We have an excellent team!

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