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Dynasafe - a sustainable packaging solution




Dynasafe is an exclusive brand that belongs to Test Valley Packaging. Dynasafe is the range of retention packaging systems which are designed to reduce the packing time, and reduce the overall pack size, as additional cushioning is not required due to the design that has a 'shock-absorbing' system integrated. The bonus is the eco-friendly credentials of Dynasafe. 


  • Reduced Environmental impact
  • Reduced packing times
  • No need for bubblewrap or loosefill
  • Reduced storage space for packaging
  • High level of protection
  • Re-usable and recyclable
  • Made from 70% recycled material

Dynasafe offers amazing versatility, providing sustainable solutions for packing an incredibly diverse range of products. It is ideally suited to the technology and pharmaceutical markets.
Dynasafe sets a benchmark for quality and consistency, ensuring that your products are not only despatched on time, but reach their destination safely with an open box experience that is expected from companies that concentrate on quality packaging from start to finish.

Here is a selection of products packed using Dynasafe.

Sample tiles Tablets Photography equipment Smartphones Fragile goods
Hard drives Cosmetics Crockery Glass bottles Printed boxes


Bespoke Design

We can design a retention pack that will meet your requirements and optimise the whole product journey from the your despatch to your customer. Speed and simplicity of packing means that temporary staff can quickly and effectively fulfil orders with minimal training, ensuring that delivery deadlines are met at peak times.


Faster Packing Times

The 'one-piece' retention pack incorporates everything needed to pack your product. The retention pack is supplied flat which minimises storage space both in the warehouse and in the packing area. To pack the product, fold the box, place product under the retention film, fold again to tighten the film around the product, wrap the box around and secure the tab or self seal strip. This process takes only seconds to complete. 




Easy unpacking

Fast and easy unpacking is also factored into Dynasafe’s design. Test Valley prioritises simplicity of its retention boxes to avoid problems that consumers often face when it comes to opening packaging. Because Dynasafe contains no void-fill or other packing materials, it is easy to recycle as well.



Dynasafe is a high quality protective packaging product which is environmentally friendly, and manufactured from corrugated board with around 70% recycled content. Dynasafe can be easily recycled through existing recycling facilities. The retention pack design eliminates the need for additional protective packaging such as bubblewrap or polystyrene loosefill which consume non-renewable resources, and are difficult to recycle.


Packaging for the Pharmaceutical Industry


It is essential that drugs reach their destination safely – a person’s life may depend on it! Dynasafe has a specially developed suspension pack for packing bottles in singles or doubles, thereby reducing packing times and eliminating inconsistent packing quality. Dynasafe is also easier for the end user to dispose of into the recycling chain.

We have carried out drop tests with 500ml medicine bottles in our specially designed bottle packaging, and the bottles survived a drop from a first floor window!


Packaging for the Automotive Industry


Dynasafe is ideal for despatching car parts that need protection from superficial damage such as scuffs and scratches, and electronic or mechanical components which need protection from shock and vibration. Automotive components come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and Dynasafe’s flexibility ensures that you can minimise the number of different pack sizes needed to despatch your products. Dynasafe can also be used for lower value items.


Dynasafe Bespoke Printed Cartons

Why not print your company details on your Dynasafe carton and promote your company? For larger quantities we can hold the stock for you in our warehouse and deliver to you in manageable quantities as and when you require them. This enables you to secure the best prices without the hassle of handling and storing a large one-off delivery.

We can print your design in several colours so please contact us for guidelines and costings.


Our Service Commitment

We can provide prices, and standard or bespoke samples, free of charge, so that you can carry out trials to establish the cost advantages. If you are tight for space we can hold your bespoke Dynasafe stock in our own warehouse and ‘drip-feed’ as you require it. There are 100’s of standard sizes available to suit most requirements Standard sizes are available within 7 days.

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