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Packaging Innovation

Providing Protective Solutions for Transit and Storage

As online sales continue to surge, there is an ever increasing need to maximise the effectiveness of the material employed to protect products in storage and transit, and find ways to minimise the amount of packaging used.

There have been many reports in the media of online customers complaining about the inefficiency of the packaging used, where, all too often, there are breakages, and at the same time too much packaging used, obviously ineffectively and inefficiently.

This issue has been recognised by the industry, and consultative advice is offered to review packing methods, but there are many challenges that stand in the way of permanent improvements in packing methods and efficiencies.

One challenge is the employment of temporary staff at peak times. While they may be excellent workers, there is always the issue of training and consistency. In order to minimise training, packaging methods are often simplified, to a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, which often involves small products being despatched in oversize boxes with large amounts of void fill inside.

The media outcry voices the scandal of waste, and the impact to the environment, as consumers are photographed with their living rooms full of discarded packaging…..and broken crockery!

There are many types and methods of packing products, and dependent on quantities, there will be a range of options available to you.

Test Valley Packaging can weigh in on the debate, and provide free no-obligation advice on your packaging needs however complex.

Below are some videos which show the work we have done in the past to help customers minimise packaging and maximise protection in the right areas!


Innovation video (bouquet of flowers)

We have built a reputation of being a packaging supplier who can maximise the potential of our customers. Our innovative approach to packaging means our consultants are on hand to help with any issues no matter how big or small. Our main priority is to protect your product from damage in storage and in transit, our aim is to protect potential profit through innovative packaging solutions. Below is a video with just one innovation.


We have developed our own innovative brands

The products below offer benefits in terms of sustainability, performance, protection and ease of use. Please enquire if you require more information.


Hexcelwrap is the next generation of protective wrapping and is designed to be a sustainable alternative to bubblewrap with a 100% recyclable and biodegradable material content. This sustainable Bubblewrap alternative will keep your products in place with its interlocking design without any need for adhesive tape to stop it unwrapping.

Click HERE for more information on HexcelWrap

Dynawrap is a pre-stretched pallewrap film that offers many benefits. Dynawrap is supplied in thicknesses between 6 to 10 micron and is very strong for its weight. During manufacture the film is stretched until any elasticity is taken up which gives a film that has little stretch left in the film, and when this is applied to the palletised load it gives excellent load retention and load stability because the lack of available stretch in the film effectively eliminates the potential for load movement in transit.

Click HERE for more information on Dynawrap

Dynasafe is corrugated cardboard wraps with a flexible retention film fixed inside. This film is tensioned around your product as the box is assembled which holds it securely during transit. The benefits are speed of packing, no voidfill or bubblewrap for the customer to dispose of, delivery of a clean product as it is protected by the film, 100% recyclable, excellent protection.

Click HERE for more information on Dynasafe

Dynapouch consists of an inflatable pouch that has self sealing, autonomous air pouch columns. These give excellent protection for high value goods including urgently needed medicines, electronic equipment, etc. They are inflated on demand and give a quick and fail-safe method of packing.

Click HERE for more information on Dynapouch

Dynaboard is a high strength single wall corrugated board alternative to double wall corrugated board. Dynaboard takes up 30% less storage and transport space, it is made from heavier kraft outer which improves presentation, and when printed gives a better finish.

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