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Modern Slavery Act

Modern Slavery Act 2015

Test Valley Limited are not currently subject to the terms of the above Act nor will be for the
foreseeable future, but the Company operates in accordance with the ethics thereof.

The following is a statement of working conditions practiced by ourselves and which are expected of all our suppliers.

Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement and Transparency in the Supply Chain

No forced labour or human trafficking
Employment is freely chosen
Working conditions are clean, healthy and safe
Working hours are not excessive and within the working time regulations
A fair wage is paid
No exploitation of child labour
No harsh, cruel or degrading practices
No discrimination

Test Valley concur with the ethics set out in the SEDEX organisation as stated elsewhere on our

The Management Team

Test Valley Ltd trading as Test Valley Packaging
Nov.2017 / 654.1 

Download our modern slavery policy, Test Valley Limited.