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Airtech Meteor

This compact air pillow/cushion system gives your goods extra protection at the touch of a button.

This high quality machine creates pockets of air designed to protect your products. The Airtech Meteor is a perfect product for small operations that need to utilise space. This virtually silent machine is easy to use and is almost maintenance free.

Key benefits

Effective: Its strength and durability offer reliable protection for your products
Cut costs: Reduction in storage expense plus the light weight product keeps your shipping costs down
Flexible: Our varying film sizes can be used on the entire machine range
Easy: The rolls of film are light and easy to handle, the machines are easy to operate, fast and reliable
Environmental: A re-usable and the film is 100% recyclable
Versatile: Compact and portable, allowing the machine to intergrate easily into your packaging area

Scroll down to see the refill rolls specifications table 

To place an order call: 01722 414 800 or email: sales@testvalleypkg.co.uk

For product enquiries email: enquiries@testvalleypkg.co.uk

Available in:

Code Size (mm) Pack Size Description Roll Length
Code: AM-CF400 Size (mm): 400mm x 250mm Pack Size: 2 rolls Description Airtech Meteor Cushion Film Refills Roll Length 250 metres
Code: AM-HT130 Size (mm): 180mm x 130mm Pack Size: 4 rolls Description Airtech Meteor Air Pillow Refills Roll Length 250 metres
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