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Quality Street Competition

Test Valley Packaging are giving away tubs of Quality Street!!

If you fancy winning a tub to share with your collegues, or you would much prefer to sit in the car park scoffing the lot all to yourself take a guess at:

How many individual sweets are in the bucket below?

For each individual guess right or wrong, we will donate £1 to our choosen charity: The John McNeill Oppurtunity Centre. Valid until 23rd of December 2016. If no correct answer is submitted 5 tubs will be posted out to the lucky people who guessed the most accurately.

Learn more about the charity: Click the logo below, to make a donation click the Gofundme logo below.


20 ways to reuse a Quality Street Tub:

Once a upon a time, Quality Street came in a tin which could be kept for years and reused once the contents were eaten.

Sadly for the nostalgic amongst us the brand introduced plastic tubs in 2012, but gladly for the sustainable minded these tubs can be easily recycled. Alternatively these tubs could be reused, so we decided to compile a list of reuse ideas for the plastic Quality Street Tub.

1. A local school or playgroup would probably bite your hand off to get their mitts on some tubs with lids to keep their supplies handy.

2. School Food technology departments are crying out for the kids who forget to bring something to take their cakes home in.

3. Crayons – lidded tubs are wonderful for putting kids wax crayons in.

4. Keep animal treats or bird food airtight so it lasts longer.

5. Play dough – keeping it airtight stops it going hard (and sticking to the carpet where it will be trodden in forever and a day…).

6. Shoe cleaning kit – one of these tubs is just the right size for a couple of brushes and tubs of polish.

7. Loose change box – you’d get quite a stash in there; what will you put your savings towards?

8. Clothes pegs – who needs a clothes peg bag when you’ve got a free tin?

9. Gardening – use to store seeds; they’ll stay dry and air tight.

10. Make holes in bottom, fill with compost, sew radishes, land cress or pea shoots.

11. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth – you’ve just been given a free cake / biscuit tin!

12. Store your cookie cutters together to save searching through the drawer next time you bake.

13. These tubs are perfect for keeping tubes of acrylics or water colours together.

14. Sewing tub – threads, needles, buttons, beads – you’ll know where they are next time.

15. Stationery – perfect for pens, post its and pencils.

16. Hair accessories – all those clips and scrunchies that get lost around the house can now be contained.

17. Leads – saves them getting tangled and lost if you put them in a lidded box.

18. Every shed needs an old lidded box.

19. Needles and pins, sewing accessories now have a collective home.

20. You can make two holes in the side of a tub, thread some string through and make a drum, practice for months and join the cast of Stomp!!

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