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Testing Dynasafe to the limit

Test Valley Packaging employees always like to test the packaging that we supply to the limit.



We are constantly getting strange looks from our neighbours when they us testing our packaging, it's not unusual to see a box flying out of a window from time to time or to see someone being stretch wrapped in the carpark. All in all Test Valley Packaging can be a pretty weird place to work... but wait!! things can get weirder.

'Why dont we play volley ball with a glass?' Becky suggested, 'okay' we all replied.

We have been supplying Dynasafe for quite some time now, and haven't heard of a time when a customer has had any breakages. So we decided that we would test it to the limit. 

For those who don't know what Dynasafe is here is a little summary:

reduce damage to goods in transit with Dynasafe


Dynasafe uses a flexible film to secure your product inside the box.

  • It is very quick and easy to use
  • Gives outstanding protection
  • Your customer receives a clean product with minimal packaging to dispose of 
  • This sustainable product can be reused for the customer to return as well as making the open box experience hassel free 

The image above shows two piece retention, this product is also available as one piece retention click the button below to learn more about Dynasafe on our sister site www.protega-global.com

Right that'sthe product placement out of the way this is what we did next. We made a makeshift net using perforated shrinkwrap and used bubblewrap to make a glove to protect our hands. Meanwhile Richard placed the glass inside the flexible film and sealed the carton.

Testing our packaging to the limit reduce breakages

You may be able to see that it was quite difficult to get a long rally going, but we gave it a real go. After a good ten minute game with around 50+ whacks of the box we were all suspicious that there would be a broken glass inside, but to everyones suprise the glass was intact. We hope that this test shows potential customers the fantastic protective properties of Dynasafe

The open box experience protection in transit


team building through product testing