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Watch the Boat Race Part Two video

Watch the charity boat race video: Mutiny On The Nadder

Well folks, this is what you have been waiting for!! The Boat Race Two (mutiny on the Nadder).
It was bigger and better than last years race with three brand spanking new boats added to three boats recycled from last years debarcle.

Click below to watch the epic adventure!! (please feel free to donate to our charity details below).

All the boats seen in this video are made from packaging materials, as we believe that this team building, hands on exeperience is an important refresher for all staff members to be well aquainted with the products we supply.

Watch the Test Valley Packaging Boat Race on Youtube

The Boat Race (part two) Mutiny on the Nadder

Event date Friday the 22nd September

Last years boat race was so much fun we have decided to do it again this year!! we are hoping that our customers and friends can dig deep and splash the cash to raise much needed funds for The Stars Appeal.
We will be heading along the same treacherous route as last time around which is 0.65 miles of the river Nadder, but this time we will be getting more boats on the water to make it more dramatic and competitive. The boats will be made of packaging materials by Test Valley Packaging employees who will be divided into teams. May the best boat win!!

shark-attack-test valley packaging boat race
Giles, fighting off a Great White Shark on the homeward stretch!!

About the charity

The Stars Appeal is Salisbury District Hospital’s charity (no.1052284). Who raise money to create the best possible experience for patients and their families by funding extra care and equipment over and above that provided by the NHS. They work hard to help local people across all wards and departments, with particular focus on cancer, cardiac care and children.

achievements of this charity
Just one of the many achievements of The Stars Appeal the redevelopment of this Intensive Care Unit.

How can you help?

You can donate in a number of ways:

1. Visit the donation page

A simple way to contribute is to visit the page we have set-up which pays the charity directly, you can CLICK HERE to visit this page which will give you the opportunity to keep an eye on how near we are getting to hitting our target and also allows you to share via Facebook.

2. Donate by text

Simply text STAR22 and the amount you wish to donate, (either £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10) to 70070 (e.g. your text could read STAR22 £10).

Texts are free and your donation will show on your phone bill. Every pound really does help us.
This service is free for The Stars Appeal, and anyone on any mobile network can use it to donate to us. Your donation will be deducted from your mobile phone credit, or added to your monthly phone bill. You won’t be charged for the text message either.

3. Fill out our sponsor form

The good old fashioned way, if we know you personally, we know where you live!!

What happened last year? A quick recap

Last year the boat race was on the 1st July and there were five boats competing on a beautiful day of sunshine, this fine start to the day lulled all shipmates into a false sense of security for what perils lay ahead.
We lost one boat within 40 yards as the pirate team sunk to the depths of Davy's locker (to our great disapointment only captured fleetingly in the video). There were rapids to navigate, smoke bombs to put the lesser skilled in the art of naval navigation off course and then there was the barage of abuse from the river banks to test the nerve on the intrepid voyagers.

last years charity event packaging boats

We hope that this years event is just as good as last years, and would like to welcome spectators down to the river bank next to the Test Valley Packaging building on Friday 22nd September at 3pm to cheer us on. If you can not make it we look forward to posting a video of what happened so look out for that in the week following the event. In the meantime please enjoy watching the video we created last year.

boat race video watch now packaging methods         Watch the boat race packaging video by clicking here.

Please click the image below to learn more about Salisbury District Stars Appeal.

The Salisbury District Stars Appeal

donate to this charity

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the generous people and companies who donated to The John McNeil Centre in the event last year which raised over £500 for the charity. Lets hope we can raise even more this time.