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Macmillian bake-off video

Macmillan bake-off and coffee morning fundraiser


Test Valley Packaging employees took part in a Macmillan coffee morning which raised £96.20 for the charity. We would firstly like to say a big thank you to Ruth Lowe who deserves a big thank you for dreaming up lots of creative ways to squeeze money out of us and is a great motivation to us all with her boundless energy.

We had a great time eating the lovely cakes provided by staff members. The events that took place were a blind taste test, which involved trying shop bought brownies and homemade brownies, if you guessed wrong that was a pound in the pot. Staying with the theme of blindfolding two teams from the Customer Service and Sales Development proceeded to make fairy cakes, with one member of each team being blindfolded and had to be verbally guided through the process of making the cakes. Click Here to watch the video

making fairy cakes blindfolded the challenge

There was then a competition between the Steedman brothers on who could decorate a cake the best in 1 minute 30 seconds which Richard won.

We hope you enjoy watching the video and would like to encourage businesses to host there own coffee mornings, we would love to see how you get on.