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World Environment day

As part of World Environment Day (5th June) www.unenvironment.org

We decided to get active and clean up our local area.

World Environment Day 2018 collecting litter

We split into two groups with the first group tackling South Street in Wilton which is notorious for being littered with fast food waste and fly-tipping, and the second group who covered the area behind Churchfields Industrial Estate which is on The River Nadder.

We found that a large majority of the litter along the road was plastic bags, plastic that related to food and drink such as: Lids, trays and crisp packets and we also found a lot of aluminium cans.

bags full of litter mainly plastic waste

The group who went to the river found that there was no litter to be found which was a pleasant suprise, after rescuing a small amount of plastic from the river the group decided to start filling up their bags with litter from the industrial estate, and boy was there a lot of litter. This commercial area is a hive of activity during the day and at night can be used by drivers who choose to stay over night. We found that a lot of the litter was around these areas and unfortunately is directly thrown out of drivers vehicles.

Cleaning The River Nadder in Salisbury for World Environment Day

Overall this was a good day for the environment with all the litter collected being responsibly recycled to the best of our ability through the local council depot. A big thumbs up to the team for showing such enthusiasm and really getting stuck in.

The grimace of a litter picker from Salisbury

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how to change your packaging to become more sustainable.